Monday, April 28, 2014

Important Food Safety Information About Bread Products...

Well, I am trying to keep myself informed about my buying options for food so I that I can make smart, healthy choices to the best of my ability, and within reason for my family.  If you are a mom with similar concerns, this article is for you...
I subscribe to an organization called EWG - Environmental Working Group, and they keep me up to date with all the information about chemicals and pesticides that are so prevalent in our food industry here in the United States.
I'm sure many of you have heard about Subway sandwiches changing their recipe for bread because they were pressured by a consumer group lead by Vani Hari to get rid of the chemical ADA or  azodicarbonamide - a chemical used to make yoga mats.  
Now the EWG has conducted research and found over 500 other everyday foods that contain this harmful chemical.  GROSS! NOOOOO!! is the appropriate reaction.
Some of the brands containing this chemical are Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Shoprite, Safeway, Smucker's, Fleischman's, Jimmy Dean, Kroger, Little Debbie, Tyson and Wonder. 
So I thought I would create this post to give you a list of foods/ brands to avoid if you don't want your kids and your family to consume this harmful chemical.
Here is a link to the entire list - 

Here's my shorter list of foods that I used to get that I will no longer purchase because of this nasty chemical:

1. Basically anything from Pillsbury
2. Van de Kamp hot dog buns
3. Mediterranean Pita
4. Oroweat Raisin Cinnamon Bread
5. Village Hearth 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Luckily I don't buy the majority of brands/ foods on this list anyway.  I have found that the best way to protect my family is to be well informed and always, always read the ingredients list on foods I buy, especially pantry items.  
Anytime you see a list of more than 10 - 12 ingredients in something as simple to make as bread, or peanut butter some warning signs should go off.  Often these long ingredient lists will contain a number of chemically processed sugars and preservatives. The names will likely be very long and hard to pronounce.  If you see a list like that on a food you are looking to buy - move on - it will not be worth it in the long run when you experience major health problems likely related to the consumption of chemicals in processed foods.
Here is some more info about this particular chemical, ADA...
Finding from the EWG:
This chemical, nicknamed ADA, is used in the plastics industry as a "foaming agent" and in the food industry as a dough conditioner for the convenience of industrial bakers.
In the plastics industry, it is mixed into polymer plastic gel to generate tiny gas bubbles, something like champagne for plastics. The results are materials that are strong, light, spongy and malleable. In many commercial baked goods, ADA is used as a "dough conditioner" that renders large batches of dough easier to handle and makes the finished products puffier and tough enough to withstand shipping and storage.
Below is a link to a petition to major brands to stop using this chemical if you are interested in helping to get rid of it in our food...
Okay - hope this was helpful!  

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